Car Respray and Paint Correction in London

Car Paint Correction

BodyWorks certified automotive paint team are highly trained and experienced to return your car to its original condition. We offer top quality car spray painting repairs, car paint detailing and car paint restoration services. BodyWorks use a computerised paint matching system to find an exact match for your car’s unique paint code.  We spray paint your car to rectify any issues and return the appearance of your vehicle to new.

It might be a small scratch, but it needs an expert to make it disappear. If the scratch is through the paint, the area is sanded to bare metal and it’s necessary to apply rust inhibitor and primer to prevent rust.

Before starting the painting process, we need to make sure the body is solid and free of old paint and rust. We then strip the car, by removing some parts like mirrors, trim and accessories to make primer and paint applying easier. This ensures an evenly applied paint across the entire body of the car.

Dents are rebuilt and blended into the surrounding area, then top quality surface paints are colour matched and seamlessly applied and protected with tough clearcoat finish. Clearcoat finishes enhance the colour of your vehicle and create a perfect factory-fresh finish.

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